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How to find a great IELTS Preparation Course in Vancouver

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by David Cunningham

by David Cunningham

ILAC IELTS Teacher, IELTS Expert & Pathway Instructor


You have big plans and even bigger dreams, but something is holding you back; you need to improve your English.  That means IELTS.  Why?  Quite simply, you’ll need IELTS to work, live and study in Vancouver.  You’ll also need it if you want to take the next step: immigration to Canada.  No matter your reason, one thing is for sure, you’ll probably have to take an IELTS exam at some point.   But how do you begin your search for an IELTS Preparation course in Vancouver?  The answers are here! 

adult class course with teacher placing sticky note on board
One of the quickest ways to improve your IELTS score is to learn with an expert.

Step 1: What are your needs?

Start by asking yourself a simple question: Do you need to improve your test taking skills, your English skills or both? 

Having a simple checklist can be incredibly helpful when deciding how to proceed with your IELTS preparation.  Start by asking yourself the following questions: 

  • Do I need more general English skills or more Academic skills? 
  • How much time do I have to devote to study each week?   
  • Consider your budget.  Would an IELTS preparation course make sense? 
  • What IELTS results do I need in order to achieve my goals
  • How much knowledge of the IELTS do I already have?  Where can I learn more? 

The last question can easily be answered with one simple click.  IELTS is simply the most recognized English Language Proficiency test in Canada and the world.  Start by reading about the different sections of the test and looking at some sample questions.

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Think about your needs, such as budget, timeline and target scores.

Step 2: What is your current IELTS level?

OK, so you feel comfortable with the process so far.  You know: 

  • IELTS covers four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking 
  • You can take it in one of two formats: General or Academic to suit your purposes 
  • You can take the exam any time during the year at IELTS Vancouver 
  • IELTS does not have a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ grade, but rather has a 9-band scale that shows your language proficiency 

So what now?  Perhaps you know what your target score is (for example, many universities ask for an IELTS band 6.5)  But what is your current level and how long will it take to reach your goal? 

Use an online assessment tool​

The International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) has 25 years of language teaching and test preparation experience.  A quick way to find your level is take a free online assessment from ILAC here. 

As a general guideline, language learners who enrolled in a language course found that it took approximately three months to improve their overall score by 0.5 band. 

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Use an online assessment tool or look at sample questions and their band descriptors to determine your current level.

After doing an online self-assessment and measuring the gap between your current level and your desired level, you can think more about IELTS preparation and how long you think you might need to study.  Fortunately, there are people to help you.   

Step 3: Speak to an IELTS Advisor for advice

When it comes to language improvement, trusting an expert who has studied specifically for the purpose and who has years of experience is essential.  Talk to the experts 

When you search for IELTS Preparation courses in Canada or Vancouver, you’ll find a number of results.  However, you want to hear what trusted teachers and exam centre professionals recommend. 

Questions to ask an expert

Don’t hesitate to contact staff and understand what an IELTS preparation course offers, what skills you will cover and how the program fits your needs.  When contacting a school ask the following questions: 

  • Are the classes offered during the times that fit my schedule? 
  • Are regular practice tests offered?  How often?  
  • Are the teachers qualified professionals?  
  • What is the class structure?   

It’s always good to choose a school that has clear communication, good customer service, and staff that are knowledgeable and attentive to your concerns. 

Why not contact ILAC Vancouver and ask for information about IELTS Preparation? 

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Contact one of our friendly advisors to find out which class is right for your needs.

Step 4: Decide on the best study method for you

In the past, it was difficult and often expensive to take a language class.  Now, studying IELTS in Vancouver, or anywhere in Canada, offers you a wide range of IELTS study options to suit your budget! 

Online or in-person?
  • Usually lower cost
  • You can take IELTS classes from anywhere in the world (ILAC classes offer schedules to suit all time zones)
  • You can save money and time on commuting costs
  • Flexible times are great if you are working or taking care of children
  • You can get support from your teacher via online learning platforms and through great online study materials
  • You can study in your pajamas!
  • You have in-person contact with other students and your teacher
  • More intensive study focus while on campus
  • You are immersed in an English speaking environment
  • Getting out the house and on to campus helps build relationships and connections – many students make life-long friends!
  • You can get a feel for the environment in which you’ll be tested, particularly IELTS Speaking where you can practice in-person conversations with classmates
  • You could study in your pajamas…but people might look at you a little strangely!

After contacting the Academic Department at ILAC, decide which one works best for your learning style.  Decide which one fits your current situation. 

Flexible, immersive and​ sociable

Are you working in the day and can only study at night? No problem!  Take a look at the flexible times you can study IELTS from our Vancouver online program. 

Are you an international student?  Do you have time and want to focus on your studies or perhaps connect with a community of language learners just like you?  Consider learning IELTS at ILAC Vancouver.  Click here to learn more. 

woman hugging other woman while smiling at beach
Make life-long friends from all over the world when you study at ILAC.

Step 5: Am I making progress in my IELTS Preparation course?

Begin with at least a week to see if the class is a good fit for your level and your learning style. A good way to measure your learning is by taking practice IELTS tests and receiving quality feedback.   Communicate with your teacher/school if something is confusing or not working well for you.  

In ILAC’s preparation classes, students can benefit from weekly practice tests that are graded by your teacher, so you can get a good idea of your progress and where you need to improve.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get in touch with the IELTS experts in Vancouver today! 

And after that?  It’s time to book your test…and get the score you need! 

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Measure your progress in your new class and communicate with your school if something is not working.

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