Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered here.

All computer-delivered tests provide headphones as standard.  Test takers are not permitted to bring their own.

Our paper-based tests use speakers. Headphones can be arranged for candidates with appropriate medical documentation.

Email the office if you have problems with booking or payment. 

Include your full name, test date and location, and details of the problem.  Provide screenshots if you can.

When you find a test on our Book a Test page, click “Book Now” to complete registration on the IELTS Essentials booking site.

If the test is unavailable on the booking site, it could mean:

  • the last seat has just been booked and the system has not refreshed yet;
  • or there is a technical error.

Please contact us to confirm if this session is still available for booking.

You must have one of these documents:

  • Passport
  • or a Canadian Permanent Resident card

You must have the original document and bring this on test day. 

These documents will not be accepted as ID for your IELTS test:

  • BCID
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport photocopies, temporary passports or certified true copies

Your test is booked and confirmed after you successfully pay for it.

Payment confirmation: We send an automatic payment confirmation to your registered email after payment is completed.  This arrives within 30 minutes. Please check your spam folder before contacting us.

If you book a test and select an Offline payment (cash), you must visit us the same or next business day to make payment and secure your booking. Make sure you book and pay before the registration deadline.

Mistakes must be reported to us by email within 24 hours. After that, our regular cancellation and transfer policies apply.

Cancellation and transfer policy for computer tests.

Cancellation and transfer policy for paper tests.

For all mistakes reported within 24 hours:

  • If you booked the wrong test type (Academic or General Training) we will try our best to accommodate any changes if we have availability. No charge if reported within 24 hours.
  • If you are seeking a cancellation or date transfer, an $80 charge will apply.
  • If you want to change your test method (paper or computer), you will need to cancel your test booking and rebook. An $80 fee will apply for the cancellation.

If you made a mistake with your application details, such as your name, contact information or ID details, log in to your IELTS account to modify this information. 

If you need to update your mailing address, please email the office directly to confirm the change as we use the mailing address you gave on your original test application.

If you have already registered for a test, email us within 2 days after you get the passport request letter from the immigration authority. Find out more here.

If you don’t inform us within 2 days, or you show up on test day with the wrong ID, no refund or transfer will be offered.

We offer computer-based and paper-based tests at our venues. These are in-person tests and cannot be done at home.

The only version of IELTS that can be taken at home is IELTS Online. This is a version of the Academic test and is currently only accepted by some academic institutions.

If you are interested in IELTS Online, you must check with your academic institution first to see if they will accept it. 

We do not accept registrations for IELTS Online through our test centre. Please book and enquire directly with IELTS.

IELTS centres are required to take your photo and finger scan as a security and anti-cheating measure.  Please see here for more information on how we handle your data.

Visit our Test Day page for more information about what to bring on test day.

Computer test venues: Small valuables like phones, jewellery and watches can be locked during the test. Bigger belongings can be left outside the test room.

Paper test venues: All venues offer a place to store bags and jackets during the test. While this area is monitored by staff, it is accessible to all test takers and there are no lockers available. Valuables are left at your own risk.

Preparing for your IELTS test is recommended. The amount of preparation you need depends on factors like your current English skills and minimum required scores.  

At a minimum, we encourage all test takers to learn about the IELTS test format and practice sample questions. Find out more.

In addition, ILAC offers preparation classes taught by IELTS experts to help test takers achieve their best possible score.

ILAC offers test preparation classes if you would like to receive guided help from an experienced IELTS tutor. Classes are available in-person or online to suit all schedules and busy lifestyles.

A preparation course is not a necessary requirement for booking a test.  Many test takers choose to prepare by themselves.

However, a course can offer valuable practice for candidates hoping to achieve a certain set of scores, particularly for higher education in Canada.

The results you see online for paper-based tests are a preview only.  Online previews are not available for download or official use (for example, university or immigration applications).

Your official IELTS results are printed on a Test Report Form.  This is a paper report of your results.  Test Report Forms are valid for official use, such as applications to IRCC.

Only computer tests offer the feature to download an e-TRF from the test taker’s IELTS account.

Computer test takers do not receive a copy of their results from us. Instead, you can download an e-TRF from your IELTS account.

Paper test takers will receive 1 free printed copy of their Test Report Form (TRF).

Yes, both test takers for paper and computer tests can request a remark. The process is a little different for each.

Check instructions for paper tests.

Check instructions for computer tests.

Yes, we can send your IELTS results to any academic institution worldwide.

If an institution is registered with IELTS to accept e-TRFs from IELTS centres, we will use this method. For international and US institutions that only accept results by mail, we offer courier options at an additional cost. We can cover the cost of regular mail but don’t recommend it due to slow delivery times and no tracking.

Find out more about sending your computer-delivered test results to institutions.

Or, click here for information about sending paper-based tests results.

We understand that there may be situations where candidates can’t attend their test due to an emergency outside of their control. In these situations, candidates can make an application for Special Consideration due to exceptional circumstances. 

The fee is $80. If your application is approved, your test booking will be transferred to the next suitable date.

You can apply up to 2 days after your test date.

Find out more about our Special Consideration policy

Our cancellation and transfer policies apply to every test booking, regardless of the date you register and complete payment.

You can determine your eligibility for a refund or transfer here.


There is no limit on the number of IELTS tests you can take. However, we highly recommend you wait to receive your test results before registering for a new test.

We take security very seriously.  Criminal activity of any kind will not be tolerated.  Please work with us to prevent security breaches and report any suspicious activity.

We respect your need for confidentiality. Data security is critical to our business.

Cheating of any kind is strictly not tolerated and will result in an instant, permanent and worldwide ban from IELTS centres. 

Still need help?

Speak to the ILAC IELTS team to help you plan your test.