Booking and Preparation

Find out how to register, pay, and prepare for your IELTS test.

We offer 2 different IELTS tests.  Which test you need depends on your goals.

IELTS General Training: For immigration. Most immigration programs require this test type. Choose this test type for Permanent Residency and Citizenship applications in Canada. 

IELTS Academic: For higher education and professional registration. Most academic organizations require this test type, unless you are studying below degree level.  

If you are not sure which test you need, always check with the organization to which you are applying.  Learn more about these different test modules.

Depending on your location, you may have a choice between a computer or paper test. 

Computer-delivered tests: Visit an official IELTS test venue with a computer lab. Listening, Reading and Writing will take place on the computer. Speaking will be face-to-face with an examiner. Results are available in 3-5 business days. Try a sample computer-delivered test question.

Paper-based tests: Visit an official IELTS test venue and take the test with paper and pencil. Listening, Reading and Writing are answered with pencil and paper. Speaking will be face-to-face with an examiner. Results are available in 13 days.  See samples of the paper test. 

The content is the same and both formats are accepted equally by organizations. Some locations currently only support paper testing. 

IELTS tests 4 skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. You will receive an individual score for each skill, and an overall score. 

Listening25% of overall score; 30 mins
Reading25% of overall score; 60 mins
Writing25% of overall score; 60 mins
Speaking25% of overall score, 20 minute time slot
OverallAn average of all scores, rounded to the nearest 0.5

Learn more about the the IELTS test format.

There is no pass or fail mark for IELTS. However, you may need to achieve a minimum score depending on the program to which you are applying. Your organization will tell you what minimum scores you need, if any. 

Some organizations, including IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) may list the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) score you need. Find the equivalent using the IELTS-CLB converter below. 

Book your IELTS test online.  Before you start, please have ready:

  1. A digital copy of your valid PR card or passport.  Scan your ID document, or upload a clear quality colour photo.  You must bring the original document with you on test day (photocopies or temporary documents will not be accepted).
  2. A payment method.  Visa, Mastercard or debit cards are accepted. 
  3. An email address.  Sign in to your IELTS Essentials account or sign up for a new one.  Please use an email address that you access often.  We will send you test information and updates by email.

Complete payment when booking your test.  Your booking is only secured after you pay your test fee in full.  If you do not complete payment within 24 hours, your booking will be released and you will need to begin again.

The cost of the test varies by location. If our Vancouver-based team needs to fly to your community, we add a surcharge to cover the travel costs.  Go to our Test Locations page to view all venues and test prices.

In special cases, you may be entitled to a refund or transfer. Check below for details.  

Paper tests: Cancel or change your paper test date up to 5 weeks before, no questions asked.  (Fee = $80) Complete this form.  

Computer tests: Cancel or change your computer test date up to 2 weeks before, no questions asked.  (Fee = $80) Complete this form. 

COVID-19 Policy: If you are unable to take your test due to COVID-19 symptoms or possible contact with someone who has tested positive, you are eligible for one (1) test date transfer.  No evidence is required.  Please contact us as soon as possible, and no later than 5 days after your test date.  Test takers must transfer to an available date.  Test credit or refunds are not available.  Note that the standard transfer fee applies to all requests ($80).

If you are late or absent without reason: Check your emails from us to find out when you should arrive.  We will not admit/reschedule anyone who arrives later than the stated time, or is absent from their exam.  Please re-book and pay for a new test.

If you have an emergency: You can request a refund/transfer up to 5 calendar days after the scheduled test date.  You will be asked to submit evidence (see below).

What evidence is accepted? We will approve refunds/transfers in serious emergency situations. For example, serious illness (hospital admission or doctor’s report), loss or bereavement of a close family member (death certificate).  

Preparing for your IELTS test is recommended. The amount of preparation you need depends on factors like your current English skills and minimum required scores. 

ILAC offers virtual test preparation classes with ILAC KISS.  Students receive structured guidance from an experienced IELTS tutor. 

You can also prepare for IELTS by yourself, using books or trusted online resources. Check out our Instagram, Facebook or YouTube for study and exam tips.

In most cases, our team can arrange special accommodations for test takers who have appropriate medical documentation.  We use this documentation to arrange the best equal conditions for you.  Check below for details. 

  1. Show your specialist physician this letter. It includes instructions for what information to include in their medical evaluation.
  2. Email us the report from your physician at least 12 weeks before the test you want.
  3. Our friendly team will work with you to confirm fair accommodations.  We may advise you to book at a specific centre that can best accommodate you.
  4. Book and pay for your IELTS test at a recommended venue.

Are You Ready?

Speak to the ILAC IELTS team to help you plan your test.