Find out how to get your results, order new paper copies, send your scores to organizations, or ask for your IELTS results to be remarked.

Unofficial Online Preview

Preview your scores online here. You can only do this after your results have been released.

  • This is an unofficial preview only. 
  • Online results cannot be printed for official use. 
  • Computer test results are released 3-5 business days after your test date. (In some cases, results may take up to 72 hours to upload after release).
  • Paper test results are released 13 days after your test date.

Official Test Report Form

You will receive at least 1 copy of your Test Report Form (TRF) included in your test fee.

  • IELTS Academic test-takers receive 1 printed TRF.
  • IELTS General Training test-takers receive 2 printed TRFs.
  • All TRFs are sent by mail. (Canada Post, regular untracked.) Delivery takes approximately 10 business days.
  • If you take your test in the Lower Mainland, you can request to pick-up from our Vancouver head office by emailing us no later than 48 hours after your test start time.

You receive at least 1 copy of your printed Test Report Form (TRF) included in your test fee.

Click here to request a new TRF if you need a replacement copy.

  • $30.00 (+ tax) per copy
  • Maximum of 2 additional copies can be requested
  • You can only request a replacement up to 2 years (730 days) after your original test date.

Method 1: Include the organizations in your test application

When you register for an IELTS test, you can include organizations in your booking.

  • Your results will be sent to these organizations on Results Day.
  • There is no additional fee because this process is automatic.

Method 2: Submit your scores after your results are released

If you did NOT include an organization in your booking, you can add it later.

Click here to ask us to send your IELTS scores to an organization.

  • We cannot send scores to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). General Training test-takers will receive an extra paper copy to submit on their profile.
  • We can submit scores to any academic or professional organization in the world. Most will not accept scores directly from the applicant.

How do we send your scores?

  • Electronic: By default.  If your institution is registered as a Recognizing Organization (RO) to receive electronic results, we will use this option.  Estimated delivery time is 24 hours, excluding processing time.
  • By mail: If an institution or department does not accept electronic results, Test Report Forms are mailed in a sealed and stamped envelope.  Allow additional time for delivery.  Courier service is available for US and international deliveries.  Estimated delivery time is 7-21 days, excluding processing time.

You don’t need to inform us how to send your scores.  We will follow the latest information from your institution.  If you have a deadline, contact us to discuss your timeline.

If you believe your score doesn’t reflect your performance, you can request a remark on any part of your test.  Remarks are known as an Enquiry on Results (EOR).  

Click here to request an Enquiry on Results.

Cost: $260* plus tax.  This fee is refunded only if your score changes.

Deadline for submitting EOR request: No later than 6 weeks after your test date.

How it works: Remarks are carried out by a senior examiner.  Remarks are independent and unbiased, meaning the examiner will not see your original score.

How long it takes: Up to 6 weeks.  Shorter time frames may apply if we need to remark less sections. (Note: the cost is the same).

What happens after remarking: We will contact you when the re-mark is complete.  If at least one of your scores increases, we will provide a refund and a new Test Report Form.

We cannot provide individual feedback on how your scores were decided.  However, check the information here to learn more about IELTS scoring.


New Test Report Form?


Your mark increases



Your mark stays the same



Your mark decreases

No.  We will keep your original (higher) score.


You may need to submit your IELTS test scores to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). 

IRCC does not accept test scores directly from IELTS test centres.  However, if you take General Training IELTS for immigration, we will provide an additional copy of your TRF at no extra charge.  You can upload/send one copy to your IRCC profile.

If you need your TRF number and date: This information is printed on your paper Test Report Form only.  Your TRF number may also be found on the online preview of your results.

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