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Information for test takers

You can use a valid Passport or a PR card only. Your ID should show a photo, a number, a signature, full name in English and date of birth. If you have a passport that contains your signature on a different page you must scan both pages in a single file to us. You must scan both sides of your PR card to us in a single file, follow these upload instructions.

We accept Visa and Mastercard, and Debit online. You can pay in person with cash for non UKVI tests at our registration office, located at 688 W Hastings St, 3rd floor in Vancouver.

We will send you an email confirmation two business days after registration. If your application is incomplete, we will ask you for the missing documents. If you do not receive this email, it is important that you contact us immediately.

Headphones are not provided unless it is a pre-approved medical request with supporting documents.

This is a security measure to protect genuine candidates. See more about finger scans and photos.

You need to fill out the refund/transfer form and submit a note from your doctor on official letterhead stating that you were unable to sit the test on your test date. You have five days from the date of your test to get your documents to us. Find the forms here.

Registration starts at 8:00 AM. Our doors close at 8:45 AM. Candidates will not be admitted after this time. The reading, writing and listening tests last approximately three hours. The speaking interview takes place either on Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning or afternoon. We will send you an email two days before your test if you are scheduled for Friday or Sunday. If you are scheduled for Saturday, your speaking test time will be given to you in the morning. Please review the information on our test day page.

You can get your results thirteen days after your test date. There are different ways to get your results. Please see the information of our results page.

Academic candidates get one copy of results. General candidates get two: one for personal use and one to submit to IRCC. You can ask us to send five copies of your test result form to recognized institutions when you apply. This is free. However, you cannot cancel this request once it has been made. We will charge you a fee for additional copies to recognized institutions and copies requested after you submit your application. See details on our results page.

Please see our dates page for our upcoming test dates and locations.

We take security seriously. Criminal activity of any kind will not be tolerated. Please work with us to prevent security breaches and report any suspicious activity. We respect your need for confidentiality. Data security is critical to our business, we respect the privacy of test candidates.

Please read our Cancellation, Transfer and Refund Policy here.

Candidates will receive only one TRF so please keep it safe. If you need additional copies for institutions, please see the details on our results page.

You need your original valid passport on the day of the test. You WILL NOT be allowed to write the exam if you do not have your passport on the day of the test. There are no exceptions. Please do not register for the test if you do not have your passport. If you have sent it to the embassy/consulate, you will need to contact them and get it back prior to the test day.

You can apply for an Enquiry on Results procedure within six weeks of the test date. Note that IELTS Examiners and markers follow strict assessment guidelines and are regularly monitored. The IELTS testing process has the highest quality control procedures. Find out more here.

Test takers are not permitted to view their answer sheets or writing test answer booklet after the test has been completed.

There is no limit on sitting the test. However, IELTS recommends you do additional study before taking the test again. We offer lots of IELTS preparation options to help you.

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