For computer-delivered tests.

Your results will be released within 3 to 5 days after your computer-based test.

After your results are released, you will:

You can download an electronic Test Report Form (e-TRF) from your IELTS account after your results are released. This is a digital copy of your official test results.

This guide will show you how to download your e-TRF.

We can send your results to professional and academic organizations like universities, colleges or regulatory bodies.

After your test results have been released, log in to your account to Notify Institutions. Find instructions here.

Only institutions registered with IELTS as a Recognizing Organization will appear on the list. There is no charge to send results to registered Recognizing Organizations.

However, if your institution doesn’t appear on the list, you can request us to mail or courier your results to them instead. There is a $30 fee per institution (not including tax and extra courier fees).

If you need a printed copy of your Test Report Form (TRF), click here to request one. 

  • $30.00 (+ tax) per copy
  • A maximum of 2 additional copies can be requested
  • You can only request a paper copy up to 2 years (730 days) after your original test date.

If you believe your score doesn’t reflect your performance, you can request a remark on any part of your test within 42 days after your test date.

Cost: $260 plus tax. This fee is refunded if your score changes. There is no refund for unchanged scores.

How it works: Remarks are carried out by a senior examiner.  Remarks are independent and unbiased, meaning the examiner will not see your original score.

How long it takes: Between 2 and 21 days. 

We cannot provide individual feedback on how your scores were decided.  However, check the information here to learn more about IELTS scoring.


New e-TRF?


Your mark increases



Your mark stays the same



Your mark decreases

No.  You keep your original (higher) score.


IELTS test centres do not send results directly to IRCC. However, you can submit your results on the IRCC application portal yourself.

You can download a digital copy of your e-TRF through your IELTS account. If IRCC requests a paper copy of your results, order one through our website. 

If you need your TRF number and date: Check your e-TRF for these details.

If you take a computer-delivered test with us on or after January 2, 2024, you can now retake one section of your test. Choose between your Listening, Reading, Writing or Speaking.

You can only take a One Skill Retake once for each test. If you need to improve scores in more than one section, you can book a new test to take all 4 skills again.

Find out more about One Skill Retakes, including frequently asked questions.

Deadline: Book up to 60 days after your original test date.

Cost: $228 including tax.

How to book: You can book a One Skill Retake through your IELTS account. Click here for instructions.

(Please note that IRCC does not currently accept the One Skill Retake for all programs. Always check your program requirements on the website, or by contacting an advisor.)

Request a remark if you don’t agree with the score(s) you were given or think you performed well and deserve a higher score on one or more sections of your test.

On the other hand, the One Skill Retake is suitable if you underperformed on test day. This might be suitable if you want a chance to resit one section of your test.

Click here to read more about the differences between remarks and One Skill Retakes, including frequently asked questions.

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