Computer-delivered or paper-based IELTS?

If you are thinking about taking an IELTS exam soon for your university, college or immigration application, you may have heard that the test is offered in two formats: by computer and by paper.  Below is a break-down of some of the main differences to help you decide if computer-delivered or paper-based IELTS is the best choice for you.

When can I take the computer or paper IELTS exam?

Did you know that computer-delivered tests are offered 5 days a week at our ILAC IELTS Vancouver test centre?  Tests run in the morning, afternoon and in the evening, depending on availability.  The test centre also offers paper-based tests once a week, so choosing to take the computer-delivered test allows you more flexibility to work around your busy schedule.

Faster results for computer-delivered IELTS

Did you know that you will receive your results faster if you take the computer-delivered test?  It’s true!  Your results are ready in 5-7 days, whereas with paper-based tests your results will be available in 13 days.

Advanced technology and facilities for computer-delivered IELTS

At our ILAC IELTS test centres, we provide our test takers with the best computers equipped with large screens and formatting options that make it effortless for you to both read and write on.  

Some benefits of computer-delivered IELTS include:

  • You can increase the font size to your liking, and you can highlight sections of text.
  • Worried about word count in your writing exam?  The computer does it for you!
  • Want to copy and paste parts of your writing exam?  You can do this, too!
  • With proper functioning headphones, you’ll find it easy to concentrate on your Listening exam.

What about the difference between computer and paper IELTS?

So, now that you know the benefits of taking the computer-delivered test, you might wonder if there are any differences between the them.  The answer is that both tests are exactly the same, except that the Writing, Reading and Listening sections are done on a computer.  Your Speaking test is always in person with an official IELTS examiner, regardless of whether you choose computer-delivered or paper-based IELTS.

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